Welcome to the

Central California Chapter.

Established in 1985 

Executive Board Members:

POSITION:       NAME:                EMAIL:

President:  Terry Eidson                     Terryeidson@comcast.net

Vice President:  Roger Gong             Bmwhigh@aol.com

Secretary:  Maddy Serpa-Cronin      Maddycrstudios@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Terry Eidson                    Terryeidson@comcast.net

Past President:  Dr. Wayne Wundram      Bmwayne@aol.com



Board Members:

NAME:                         EMAIL:

Greg Belemjian:        Beemian@icloud.com

Mary Belemjian:       Marybelemjian@yahoo.com

Eddy Funahashi:        Funa@sbcglobal.net

Delight Lucas:            Djluca@cox.net

Frank Reed:                Frankreed@mac.net

Jeff Willers:                 Sailbmw@comcast.net

Marilyn Willers:         Moremsw@sbcglobal.net

Dr. Wayne Wundram:      Bmwayne@aol.com